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"Aloha Hawaii"

The Hawaii of
Imagination Still Exists

And it's available - right now... right here.

There are no strangers in Paradise. Perhaps the most beautiful part of Hawaii is the genuine warmth of the people. We call it the spirit of Aloha. It has allowed a melting pot of cultures from all over the world to find common ground, and a new home, in this most gentle of places.

Imagine the wedding of your dreams: exchanging vows with cool sand under bare feet or in an exotic open-air chapel; fragrant tropical flowers encircling your head and neck; gorgeous blue skies, plunging waterfalls and stunning golden sunsets.
Bring your family and friend, play golf or surf the surf.!

A friend describes a sunset off Waikiki. We hear the twang of a steel guitar. Or we open a magazine and there it is... Golden beaches and golden people. Sun, sand, sea, and surf... And somewhere between the blue skies and the palm trees... we're hooked.
The Hawaiian Islands are one of the most beautiful places on earth. The weather is friendly. The temperature ranges from 60-90 degrees all year long. It's a little warmer in summer, and a little cooler in winter, but every day is a beach day for somebody.

The environment is friendly. The physical beauty of Hawaii is almost unparalleled. Majestic mountains were created millions of years ago by volcanic activity that thrust these islands three miles from the ocean floor. Wave action across endless eons of time created coral reefs, and then battered and broke them to create miles of white sand beach. Our position at the center of the Pacific ensured that almost every plant and animal who would find a home here would come as an invited guest.

Oahu | Maui | Kauai | The Big Island of Hawaii

Beaches in Hawaii
The beaches in the Hawaiian Islands are a precious resource and a wonderful place to play.

Golf in Hawaii
Golf in Hawai'i is a year-round delight. Many Island courses are challenging, with several ranking among the most difficult in the world

Scuba Diving in Hawaii
Hawaii's waters are filled with interesting creatures. Among the sights that lure divers here are Cowrie and other shells, black coral, brightly-colored fish like the parrot fish, scorpion fish, and a whole range of brilliantly colored East Indian reef fish. All of Hawaii's main islands offer scuba-diving areas.

Surf in Hawaii
Hawaiian surf is arguably the best in the world, with warm water, ocean swells and clean breaks year-round

Climate in Hawaii
The Hawaiian Islands have a generally mild climate with average temperatures ranging from mid-70's (fall) to mid-80's (spring). The summers may reach the mid-90's, but the Pacific trade winds keep the islands cool and comfortable. The rainy season tends to be November through March, but varies from island to island, Kauai being the wettest and Hawaii being the driest. Sunshine reigns here, with an average 200 days of sunshine a year.

Only a selection of our Hawaiian Hotels is represented on this site. If you don't see the hotel of your choice, please do not hesitate to ask us, it most likely can be booked through us too.

Temperatures in Hawaii Jan Mar May Jul Sep Nov
Average High 71 75 84 90 81 77
Average Low 68 72 78 82 76 70

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